Whether you print packing lists, barcodes, labels, patient wristbands, or anything else, these critical items need to be clear, easy-to-read, and ready when you need them. Without the right printers, you risk losing information and wasting time.

Zebra desktop printers improve workflows and safeguard your bottom line by bringing the following benefits to your organization.

Diverse Printing Options

Zebra desktop printers can create a variety of different results, letting you easily meet the specific needs of your business. Choose from direct thermal or thermal transfer modes. Print high quality labels, receipts, or wristbands with the ZD410. Create RFID labels with inlays from all leading suppliers with the ZD500R.
There are also many other desktop printers with the printing options you need. For instance. if you need to print small labels or detailed graphics, the 300-dpi Zebra GX Series printers promise to knock that task out.

Easy Setup and Use

Regardless of the exact model you select, Zebra desktop printers boast an extraordinary out-of-box experience. They are simple to set up and easily integrate with your existing hardware and applications. Once deployed, their intuitive user interface flattens the learning curve so your employees can dive in without missing a beat.

Improved Oversight

Minimize downtime with remote printer management tools. Rely on centralized dashboard to see which printers are online or need repairs, and set up automatic alerts for routine maintenance.

Special tools also let you manage printers individually. For instance, the icons on the ZD420 give you instant information about the printer’s status, and many models come with optional LCD displays so you can adjust settings right at the printer.

Multiple Connection Options

So that you can easily connect to your favourite hardware, most Zebra desktop printers come outfitted with ports for all contemporary connections including Ethernet, or you can connect wirelessly over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can also add extra features such as peelers and cutters when you need them without taking the printer offline.

Rugged Design for Commercial Environments

Consumer-grade printers cannot stand up to constant printing demands of industrial environments, high volume business, or healthcare requirements, nor is their construction is capable to withstand extreme temperatures, repeated cleaning, or exposure to chemicals, moisture, and other threats common in commercial environments.

Built to last, Zebra desktop printers feature dual-wall construction to protect them from external threats as well as all-metal print heads so they can print constantly for years. Additionally, ENERGY STAR certification helps to keep operating costs as low as possible.

Reliable, High-Quality Support

When you add a Zebra authorized service plan to your desktop printer, you get access to high-quality support, helping to ensure you never have to deal with an unexpected repair on your own. There are options for both printers and software to provide on-site and depot service, or training and installation. Make it a total solution by including printer labels and ribbon, which includes free print-heads.

Zebra Desktop printers combine fast speeds with high-quality, reliable printing and application flexibility. To get help choosing the best printer for your business, contact us today by calling us at 1-800-263-4258 ext. 4239 or emailing our sales team at salesdept@ahearn.com.

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