Entrust launches the new Sigma Series ID Card Printers

Entrust recently announced the new Sigma ID Card Printers. Specifically designed for all of today’s cloud and on-premise environments. With new technologies that can help take your ID card printing solutions to a new level.

The new Sigma solution provides a smooth user experience. Across the whole issuance process for both desktop and mobile printing. Equipped with cloud-based APIs, Sigma systems bring issuance to the cloud. Without additional hardware, eliminates the need for a local computer.

Sigma ID Card Printers are designed with new technologies. That can help take your ID card program to the next level.


From easy unboxing of the brand-new printers. To issuing cards or mobile flash passes to managing your printer through the intuitive printer dashboard. Entrust has ensured that the Sigma series printers are the most user-friendly ID card issuance solution in the world. This includes an intuitive printer dashboard. That lets you view the status, order supplies, firmware update and print cards all from your mobile device.


Entrust’s industry-leading issuance security architecture. Will help keep all ID cards and customers’ data safe.


Forward-thinking technology, scalability, and modularity. Allows you to expand your ID card program as your needs evolve.

Many Entrust ID printers in the past can have additional security features. Which include tactile impression and holographic images to your ID card. However, the new Sigma printers have two additional security features.

Card Security 

Tactile Impression 

Tactile Impression is an affordable way to take your card security and design to another level of personalization – without the need for an additional laminator. The colour Tactile Impression gives security you can see and feel. Adding a Tactile Impression to your cards makes it more difficult to replicate by potential counterfeiters.


Add more security and make an instant impact on your current ID card program. By printing radiant colour-shifting designs on your cards. With the combination of visible iridescent mica print and UV fluorescing. Cab be printed either single-sided or double-sided with no lamination necessary.

Ahearn and Soper have been helping businesses in productivity. With appropriate ID card program solutions. To learn more about the Entrust Sigma Series ID card printers, simply request more information or contact us to speak to our Sales team.