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Ahearn & Soper is known for having employees with many years of service.  The average tenure of our employees is nearly 20 years and many have spent their entire careers with our company.  That longevity gives us a wealth of knowledge beyond other companies in our industry.  Our customer’s value the knowledge, professionalism and experience we provide.  We have worked with over 20,000 customers implementing barcode and identification systems over the decades.  The positive impact we have on companies, helping them to become better at what they do, is very rewarding.

We are a stable, honest and ethical company with an excellent reputation with our suppliers and customers.  We value and take care of our employees. Ahearn & Soper Inc. believes in the value of diversity and in equal pay for work of equal value and is therefore committed to Employment and Pay Equity.

We are always looking for good people with relevant experience in our industry.  If you have such experience, you are welcome to submit a resume to our HR department anytime (email ).  In addition, we are regularly posting jobs internally and at popular employment advertising sites.  If you are looking for a long-term commitment, then please reach out to us.

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Since 1975, Ahearn & Soper Inc. has provided barcode and identification software, hardware, supplies and services that improve accuracy, tracking, and efficiency within distribution, manufacturing and healthcare operations.