Medical Wristbands

Medical Wristbands

Ahearn & Soper offers a complete line of medical wristbands and automatic identification products designed for use in health care applications to help improve productivity and patient safety. We understand the challenges of today’s health care organization and develop simple solutions to suit a myriad of requirements. With health care focused products including label and wristband printers. We offer the latest in healthcare identification technologies with a complete line of Photo ID Systems, Medical Wristband Printers and Plastic Card Embossers to identify anyone on your premises quickly and easily. Our Plastic Card Printers can be used to produce Patient, Visitor or Staff ID cards.

Direct Thermal Wristbands

Hospitals use wristbands to provide automated data capture that boosts efficiency and accuracy while reducing costly and dangerous errors. You can rely on Ahearn & Soper’s wristband offering with excellent print quality and colour coding options for secure and accurate patient tracking. The wristbands are resistant to abrasion, moisture, heat, tearing and chemicals. We also have a selection of printers to produce high quality text and black and white images/logos on the wristbands, depending on your requirements.

If you need easy-to-update tracking, look to the RFID smart wristbands, readable even through clothing and bed sheets. If identification integrity is your goal, we offer tamper-proof VOID wristbands.

Patient & Staff ID 

Traditionally patients are issued plastic embossed cards upon admission to use for their identification. An emerging solution that further reduces identification related errors is the use of patient identification wrist bands with either barcodes or RFID chips. By scanning the patient, hospital staff can access the necessary information, verify the correct patient and update any details pertaining to them efficiently and accurately.

Ahearn & Soper has been providing a range of Healthcare Solutions which help improve productivity. Learn more about our medical wristband solution LaserBand from Zebra Technologies and how it will make improvements to your printed wristband solution.

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