Healthcare Mobile Computers

Ahearn & Soper stock an extensive range of Healthcare Mobile Computers to help clinicians deliver better care to patients and give all healthcare staff access to critical data when necessary. Mobile Computer devices in healthcare can be used for various applications such as staff communication, patient identification, lab specimen track and trace and  bedside medication verification.

TC52-HC Touch Computer

Zebra TC52x-HC Touch Computer

The TC52x-HC represents the most advanced purpose-built enterprise solution for healthcare. Featuring Zebra technology, software and services, the enterprise TC52x-HC offers the full suite of Mobility DNA solutions that deliver a performance edge and better patient care for clinicians. Built with medical grade plastics and designed to thrive in healthcare environments, the TC52x-HC mobile computer can perform all tasks, including accessing electronic health records, clinical collaboration, secure texting/messaging and data capture, through one device without compromising on patient privacy or data security.
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TC52-HC Touch Computer

TC52-HC Touch Computer

The TC52-HC Android Touch Computer builds on the highly successful TC51-HC, adding a new platform and new capabilities to deliver the ultimate in touch computing for today’s healthcare workers. You get the simplicity of Android with all the mobile computing, clinical collaboration and data capture features your staff needs to provide every patient with the highest quality care.
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Honeywell CT40-HC

Honeywell Dolphin CT40HC

Providing the best patient care and highly efficient management requires technology you can trust. Now you can equip your nurses and other staff with a versatile, productivity tool that’s built for healthcare, from construction to capabilities to data security. The CT40 HC mobile computer is an all-purpose device that simplifies, streamlines, and helps error-proof healthcare delivery. It’s also an Android™ Enterprise Recommended device – rugged, easy to deploy, and supports upgrades through Android R.
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