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About Us

At Ahearn & Soper, our focus as a company is on the long term. We seek to establish durable, productive relationships with all of our partners, including customers, employees, and suppliers.

Since 1975, Ahearn & Soper Inc. has provided barcode software and hardware solutions that improve accuracy, tracking, and efficiency within distribution, manufacturing and healthcare operations. More than 20,000 customers have improved their productivity and quality through the use of barcoding with the help of Ahearn & Soper software, products, supplies, or services In order to ensure that we can supply our customers with the correct quality-controlled labels required for their applications, we manufacture labels at our head office location.

Our own off the shelf proVision WMS solutions enable distribution centers and Third Party Logistics (3PL’s) companies to rapidly improve warehouse operations and meet the growing demands of customers at lower cost. Other software we resell addresses Work-In-Process, Manufacturing Execution, Asset Tracking, Error Proofing, and Inventory Management applications. Ahearn & Soper is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has over 25 years of experience in the development and deployment of Microsoft based logistics software both off the shelf and custom. Every total solution delivered by Ahearn & Soper includes consultation, project management, integration, customization, training, and after sale service. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, but operates across North America from branch sales and service offices. Learn more about us and why you should choose Ahearn & Soper.

Why Choose Ahearn & Soper ? 

Single-Source Provider

Ahearn & Soper offers you the software solutions, best-in- class products, full line of labels and ribbons, automatic labeling systems, and technical product support that are unequaled in the industry.

Right Decisions, Right Solutions

Ahearn & Soper is a privately-owned and operated company that provides the right solutions to meet your needs. We don’t just represent one manufacturer, we represent manufacturers of the best products in the market today. Since many options are available, we can provide you with the best solution to suit your needs. Plus, with our experience and knowledge, we do it right the first time.


Our value to our customers is not the technology itself, but understanding how the technology is applied to improve the processes. We deal directly with end users to develop an understanding of our customer’s current business situation. Taking a consultative point of view, we develop a plan to overcome the business problems facing companies today. From there we set out a basis for Return On Investment (ROI). Then we formulate a proposed solution that will exceed the guidelines laid out. Then we follow through implementing the entire plan to ultimately improve operations.

Trained Specialists

We invest a lot of time training our employees in order to provide the right solutions to our customers.

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Quick Facts about Ahearn & Soper

Privately Held Canadian Company

Sales/Service Locations Across Canada: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Cambridge, Ottawa, Montreal

Long Term Relationships with Leading Equipment and Software Suppliers

Application Experience in a variety of markets including: Warehousing, Manufacturing, Life Sciences/HealthCare, Government, Automotive, Logistics

Value Added Services such as Integration, Customization, Project Management, Training, After Sales Support and much more!

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Since 1975, Ahearn & Soper Inc. has provided barcode and identification software, hardware, supplies and services that improve accuracy, tracking, and efficiency within distribution, manufacturing and healthcare operations.