Request a Service Call

Please complete this form to request service call and we’ll contact you to arrange on-site or depot service. ┬áIf you prefer, you can also email us or call us at one of the service telephone numbers listed below.



Service Numbers
Toronto, Ontario 800-263-4258 Calgary, Alberta 800-468-7025
Ottawa, Ontario 800-267-4267 Edmonton, Alberta 800-468-7025
Waterloo, Ontario 800-263-4258 Vancouver, British Columbia 800-468-7025
London, Ontario 800-263-4258 Kelowna, British Columbia 800-468-7025
Cambridge, Ontario 800-263-4258 Winnipeg, Manitoba 800-263-4258
Kitchener, Ontario 800-263-4258 Regina, Saskatchewan 800-468-7025
Hamilton, Ontario 800-263-4258 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 800-468-7025
Montreal, Quebec 800-361-9584 Halifax, Nova Scotia 800-263-4258
Sherbrooke, Quebec 800-361-9584 Moncton, New Brunswick 800-263-4258
Quebec, Quebec 800-361-9584 St- John’s, Newfoundland 800-263-4258