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Ahearn & Soper offers a complete line of automatic identification products designed for use in health care applications to help improve productivity and patient safety. We understand the challenges of today’s health care organization and develop simple solutions to suit a myriad of requirements including some of the printers being healthcare certified. Ahearn & Soper also work with some of the top IT health vendors in the industry including, Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH and McKesson.


Pharmacy Labels – prescription warning labels

Laboratory Slide Labeling – stand up to a wide variety of harsh solvents and chemicals like alcohol, xylene

Laboratory Labels

Sterilization Hospital Labels – Medical, Sterilization, and Steam-High Temperature

Bedside Specimen Labels – specimen identification labels on demand at the patient bedside with a mobile printer can significantly reduce errors

Food Labels for Hospitals (labels on patient trays)Enhance food and patient safety. Apply nutrition facts labels to patient snacks, nourishments, or meal items

Patient Wristbands Labels – Correctly identifying patients throughout their entire healthcare experience—from admission to treatment to discharge.

Medical Record Labels – Increase patient safety and ensure accuracy of information

Cryogenic Labels – Designed to withstand extended storage in ultra-low temperature freezers, for use in medical research, clinical laboratories, fertility clinics, and biobanks

Blood Bag Labels – Identification And Storage Of Blood

Zebra Healthcare Printers

Zebra Healthcare Printers 

Provide patient-centric care with purpose-built healthcare technology. Ensuring the right patient receives the right care at the right time is critical. Zebra’s healthcare technology solutions help your care team provide a higher level of patient care by connecting them to the patient data, clinicians and providers they need, in real time.
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Honeywell Healthcare Printers

Honeywell Healthcare Printers

Ahearn & Soper work with Honeywell which offers a complete portfolio of integrated healthcare printer solutions to deliver what hospital needs. Honeywell’s products are designed with various healthcare environments in mind with disinfectant-ready housings and proven durability. Discover the selection of Honeywell printers which Ahearn and Soper provide.
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Sato Healthcare

Sato Healthcare Printers

SATO has been involved in the development of straightforward, fail-safe patient identification systems for many years, working with individual hospitals to produce complete solutions which work in the medical environment to increase safety, improve efficiency and drive down costs, while providing peace of mind to healthcare professionals and patients alike.
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Since 1975, Ahearn & Soper Inc. has provided barcode and identification software, hardware, supplies and services that improve accuracy, tracking, and efficiency within distribution, manufacturing and healthcare operations.