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Today’s approaches to distribution centers (DC) and warehouse material-handling management are evolving. From early paper-based systems to barcoding to wireless mobile computing and now, in another fundamental shift to voice-centric mobile computing environments. Voice technology has become a catalyst in the re-engineering of warehouse processes and systems to deliver the next generationĀ  of business results.

Ahearn & Soper will help you address and resolve key business issues, such as reducing your operating costs, increasing your productivity and throughput, and facilitating superior customer service capabilities that generate improved worker performance and accountability.

Voice technology solutions help transform your existing warehouse processes and systems by offering re-engineering opportunities to deliver the next generation of business results without putting your day-to-day operations at risk.

Our customer engagement process begins by developing a deep understanding of your unique business challenges. We are then able to apply our extensive warehouse and industry experience to recommend a solution that achieves your business goals and leverages best-practice processes to optimize your investment return, while ensuring acceptance from team members. Ahearn & SoperĀ  have the real-world experience to ensure your voice-based solution successfully addresses your critical business issues:

  • Growing Business – The need to increase throughput with existing facilities
  • Margin Pressure – Margin pressure from slower sales and increased competition creates the need to decrease operating costs
  • Government Regulation – Changing and expanding regulatory requirements, making it difficult to ensure compliance
  • Traceability – You are being asked to support the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) to ensure complete produce traceability and support GS1 standards.
  • More value from your ERP WMS – Getting more value from your existing ERP/WMS implementation, including home-grown host data systems, as well as IBM iSeries (AS/400)
  • Scalability – Keeping pace with business amid a changing mix of products shipments and the complexity of SKU proliferation
  • Accuracy – The need to improve order accuracy and delivery timelines to achieve more perfect orders
  • Customer Satisfaction – Using technology to offer competitive advantages that increase customer satisfaction and help to maintain and grow new business opportunities
  • Training Time – Eliminating the need for lengthy new worker training and simplifying the complicated on-boarding process typically required for seasonal workers.

Including voice technology within your operations with Ivanti speakeasy

Ivanti Speakeasy allows to add voice solutions to your current terminal application. Voice enablement complements including RFID and barcode scanning which includes speech-to-text data entry. One of the main advantages with Ivanti Speakeasy is it helps to improves warehouse productivity with voice direction through text-to-speech. With having the option not to type, warehouse pickers now have their hands free to do their jobs more efficiently and improve accuracy.

Ivanti speakeasy comes with many advantages such as it is east to deploy and can bring additional value to your current organization within a short space of time. Ivanti Speakeasy includes features which allows you to implement and not require proprietary voice hardware – in some cases, you can enable voice with your current existing hardware and continue to run your warehouse operations while allowing voice technology in areas where workers might need their hands free or if any safety issues occur.

Voice picking solutions are easy for your staff to learn. Since they are told what to do through voice communications, is reducing the need to train staff with instructions or printouts. The warehouse team can be brought up to speed on the technology briefly, reducing training time overall and improving productivity.

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