Transportation, Logistics, and Manufacturing environments require you to track countless assets throughout your facility or even among multiple facilities, and the right technology is critical if you want to minimize losses and boost productivity.

Designed specifically for the challenges of these environments, Zebra industrial devices bring the following advantages to your business.

Improved Organization

Armed with a barcode or RFID scanner, your workers can easily track and upload information about the location of your assets. These tools minimize the risk of lost items and allow your workers to instantly access item-specific instructions.

Streamlined Operations

Warehouse solutions promise to streamline operations through every step of your supply chain. With a handheld scanner, your receiving crew can reconcile package contents with shipping lists and instantly access information about where to put inventory or materials.

As they put away items, inventory levels get updated in real time, helping to ensure you never promise customers an out-of-stock item or forget to replenish materials when they are low.

Hands-Free Asset Management

With wearable or vehicle-mounted hardware, your employees can keep their hands free for packing boxes or staging shipments. They can engage with the device as needed, without worrying about losing track of it, and they even use voice commands to control their tablets without touching them.

Additional Layers of Business Intelligence

Whether your team is at the loading dock, in the office, or off-site, Zebra rugged tablets and mobile computers let them access additional layers of business intelligence from anywhere. They can see picking lists, receive real-time instructions from managers, or tap into other data as needed.

Rugged Hardware

Consumer-grade devices stand up the demands of industrial environments, but Zebra rugged tablets, industrial label printers, and other solutions feature drop-resistant materials as well as dustproof and waterproof casings. Choose a screen that is visible in dim warehouses or under bright sunlight, or opt for a tablet built specifically for the low temperatures and intense climate changes of cold chain environments.

The rugged nature of these devices helps reduce unplanned downtime and avoid the cost of unexpected repairs. You save money on repairs while also increasing uptime and safeguarding productivity.

Enhanced Connectivity

If managers need to alter packing lists, customers want to change their orders, or employees want to update inventory levels. Zebra industrial solutions put the ability to flexibly respond right into your hands. You can access enterprise-grade applications, look at data in real-time, send messages to the office, and more.

Enhancing connectivity helps your team stay on task and ensures they don’t waste time performing cancelled tasks or running to another part of your facility to share information with co-workers. Instead, they can connect with people and data from wherever they are.

Ready to speed up workflows, improve accuracy, reduce repairs, avoid unplanned downtime, and safeguard your bottom line? Then it’s time to invest in mobility and printing solutions designed for industrial environments.

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