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Since 1982 Ahearn & Soper specializes in the field of Zebra barcode label printers, designed for specific labeling needs. Whether for barcode labels or high-speed printing, we offer products in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer several options to tailor them to any task. We also have all the supplies (thermal transfer labels and ribbons), tools, software and technical support to offer a complete solution. And to keep your printer in tip top shape, we do on-site and depot service.

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Zebra ZD410 Barcode Printers

Zebra ZD410 Label Printer

Designed for the tightest spaces, the ZD410 fits everywhere. In terms of flexibility, the ZD410 excels. This printer creates high quality labels, receipts, cartons and bracelets. With this super-fast printer, your users gain in efficiency. Deployment is child’s play; the ZD410 has a multitude of connectivity options. Easy to use, use and troubleshoot, your ZD410 printer is always operational. The ZD410: a compact model with all the features of a corporate printer.

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Zebra ZD611 Desktop Printer

Zebra ZD611 Label Printer

When it comes to healthcare, you need premium, superior printing capabilities that you can rely on for years of outstanding performance. Zebra’s new 2-inch ZD611-HC desktop printers have all the features your workflows require, such as next-generation technology, disinfectant-ready and UV-resistant plastics and a medical-grade power supply for added safety. They’re easy to setup, operate and maintain thanks to Zebra’s Print DNA software suite and the printers’ new architecture that provides more processing power and enhanced security. Change media quickly with the new media handling design and add capabilities with field-installable options. Connect your way and incorporate wireless capabilities with the optional kit. Building on the proven ZD600 Series, they’re ready to perform flawlessly for years to come.

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Zebra ZD420

Zebra ZD420 Label Printer

If you’re looking for a fast, 4-inch printer that’s easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to manage, go for the ZD420 that dominates its category. A brand-new ribbon cartridge and new status icons minimize service disruptions by making it much easier to use the printer. With support for an almost limitless range of modern wired and wireless connection options and its management of a large number of print languages, its deployment is always quick and simple: unplug your existing printer, plug in the ZD420, and voila. Add new connection and consumables options when you need them in the field. Monitoring and managing your ZD420 printer fleet from the cloud provides unparalleled ease of management.

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Zebra ZD620

Zebra ZD620 Label Printer

This 4-Inch desktop thermal transfer printer provides maximum printer quality, efficiency and managaeability. It offeres the most standard features and also meets a wide variety of application requirements such as an optional 10-button user interface with a colour LCD that will take out all the guesword of printer setup and status.

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Zebra GX420

Zebra GX420 – GX430 – ZD500 

Zebra’s GX420 / GX430 / ZD500 desktop printers offer the best speeds and features in their class for increased efficiency and cost efficiency. Each offers a variety of connection options, easy upgrades and integration with ZPL® and EPL programming languages(GX models only) and a lower total cost of ownership, as the printers are ENERGY STAR® compliant.

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Zebra GC420 Direct Thermal Desktop Printer

Zebra GC420 Desktop Printers 

Designed to last and be reliable, the GC420 printer offers the same mechanics as the older LP 2844 / TLP 2844 models. Migration to this new printer is simple and gives you access to more features. The GC420 is used in many sectors of activity with a wider range of applications. Consumable processing is extended with optional preload and the native programming languages EPL and ZPL make it easy to integrate this printer with other Zebra models. With its three standard interfaces, the GC420 printer offers great flexibility to connect to your local system or network.

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Zebra ZT600

Zebra ZT610 and ZT620 Industrial Printers

Worthy successors to the advanced Xi Series models, the ZT610 and ZT620 combine outstanding durability and performance in a user-friendly, future-ready platform. These tireless future-generation models are designed to make life easier for you in today’s changing technology landscape. Regardless of your concerns (increased demand for production lines, increased operational complexity, the integration of disparate systems or control of investment costs), ZT600 Series industrial printers are here to help you today. tomorrow. ZT600 Series printers are designed to withstand the most demanding industrial environments at all times by minimizing downtime due to malfunctions. In addition, by their high quality and their superior printing speed, they respond day after day to the high volume production needs of many applications.

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Zebra ZT510 Industrial Printer

Zebra ZT510 Industrial Label Printer

Just the right balance of performance and value, the ZT510 offers the essential features of an inexpensive industrial printer. A worthy successor to the Zebra® 105SLPlus™, the ZT510 delivers proven, durable design and construction while adding management and monitoring capabilities. In other words, you benefit today from 24/7 reliability to ensure the smooth operation of your operations, as well as longevity and advanced features that will allow you to face the challenges of tomorrow, all at an exceptional price.

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Zebra ZT410 / ZT420 Industrial Printer

Zebra ZT410 / ZT420 RFID Industrial Label Printer

The ZT400 Series not only benefits from the reliability that the ZM™ Series is known for, but also advances in speed and print quality, and connection options. Easy to use, the ZT400 Series printers offer an intuitive, icon-based LCD graphical user interface, and easy-to-load consumables. They also offer USB, Ehternet and Bluetooth® connections as standard. The ZT400 Series comes in 104mm (4″) and 168mm (6″) models and comes standard with advanced features that will keep your investment going: your printer will always meet your needs, today and tomorrow.

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Zebra ZT200 Series Industrial Printer

Zebra ZT210 and ZT230 Industrial Label Printer

Whether you are adopting bar code technology for the first time or replacing existing printer models, the ZT200 series is ideal for a wide range of labeling applications. These innovative printers offer many benefits and are ENERGY STAR® certified, so you can save money throughout their life cycle. Due to their compact design and elegant lines, the ZT200s occupy less space than the existing S4M™ printer. They require only minimal handling and benefit from standard tool-less replacement of components and minimal maintenance thanks to their solid design..

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ZQ600 Zebra Mobile Computers

Zebra ZQ600 Series Printers

The ZQ600 Series provides you with maximum productivity with ease of use and manageability. It’s a lightweight solution that features a user-friendly interface with premium features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and superior battery power management.

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Zebra ZQ600 Series Healthcare

Zebra ZQ600 Healthcare Series Printers

Designed specifically for healthcare, these ZQ600 series compact printers are built to withstand constant disinfecting. It’s a lightweight printer that is comfortable to wear all shift long and has a larger colour display that makes configuration easy, along with superior battery power.

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Zebra ZQ300

Zebra ZQ300 Series Printers

This light weight series of mobile label and receipt printers are designed for easy one-handed operation, bringing all-day comfort to mobile printing. With class-leading battery power, durablility and relability this cost-effective solution is perfect for any business operation.

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ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers

Zebra ZQ500 Series Printers

This series includes ZQ510 and ZQ250 premium rugged mobile printers that are high-performance and ready for use in the toughest of environments. With maximum optimized printing power, these printers come with innovative features that allow for fast delivery. The hardware is designed to handle drops and bumps and resistance to dust and even cold temperatures.

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Zebra ZQ110

Zebra ZQ110 Series Printers

A great pocket size receipt and ticket printer that is lightweight and designed for efficiency and productivity. Zebra’s ZQ110 can be integrated into your existing operations easily. Some features include the ability to conserve power, easy to use interface, and the ability for seamless connectivity with a wide range of mobile devices.

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Zebra RFID Printer ZQ520

Zebra ZQ520 RFID Mobile Printer

Extreme environments and bangs and bumps are no match for these lightweight, compact printers. Zebra’s ZQ520 RFID printer is among the most rugged printers available. It performs in the widest operating temperature range in the industry and can withstand repeated drops to concrete from up to 6.6 feet (2 meters). Water spray is no match with their IP54 rating. Featuring Zebra’s Link-OS environment, these premium printers are easy to integrate, manage and maintain. With large buttons and a user-friendly interface, they are easy to operate, even when wearing gloves.

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