RFID Tags and Labels

Intermec’s fixed, handheld and vehicle-mount readers, printers, tags and labels are supported by Ahearn & Intermec RFID implementation services to guarantee system performance. Designed for global use, Intermec RFID products support EPC Gen 2, and ISO 18000-6B and 6C standards and meet FCC RF certifications for North America. Our certified compatibility with enterprise software such as IBM Websphere, Microsoft® BizTalk Server, SAP, Oracle and Sun makes integration for customers seamless. Ahearn & Soper, your local Intermec Platinum Partner, works with your IT and Operations Departments to make sure your RFID system is providing the benefits to productivity that you require!

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Intermec IT75 Low Profile Durable Asset Tag

Intermec’s rugged Low Profile Durable Asset Tags have been designed to provide superior performance and high durability on a variety of surfaces at a low cost. Utilizing the latest generation of Gen 2 silicon supporting 512 bits of user memory within a small, durable form factor, Intermec’s Durable Asset Tags are suitable for tracking a wide variety of assets. The IT75 is tuned for the FCC region and is optimized metal surfaces, such as metal pallets, ULDs, and other metal assets.

Typical IT75 Applications include 

  • Metal Assets
  • Metal containers, cages and pallets
  • Conveyance assets (containers and trailers)
  • Unit Load Devices (ULDs)
Intermac IT67

Intermec IT67 Enterprise Lateral Transmitting (LT) Tag

Intermec’s rugged IT67 Enterprise LT Tag is the first in the industry, designed to provide both edge and normal performance for enhanced portal and forklift RFID applications. With a range of up to 26ft (7.92m) and an IP rating of IP67, the IT67 is suitable for harsh environments and meets global standards.

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