Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Ahearn & Soper offers a wide range of wax, wax/resin, and resin thermal transfer printer ribbons.  Thermal transfer ribbons are a crucial component of any on demand labeling solution.  Ahearn & Soper’s expertise with thermal transfer print technologies and specialized label materials has given us a broad understanding of exactly which ribbon is best suited for your application. We offer a complete range of ribbons from general purpose to durable resin ribbons for harsh environments.  Our ribbons are specially formulated to increase the print quality, print durability, and extend the life of the equipment (print-heads) on which they are used.

Wax Formula

Ahearn & Soper offers a multipurpose thermal transfer ribbon with a resin-enhanced wax formulation which provides excellent print clarity and high smudge resistance in a wide variety of applications.  These applications include high speed printing, compliance labeling, work-in-process, logistics, and applications requiring rotated barcodes.  Our anti-static formulation and back-coating prolong print-head life, and provides superior abrasion resistance compared to conventional wax products.

Wax / Resin Formula

Our midrange thermal transfer ribbon is the next step when you require outstanding print quality combined with some chemical and solvent resistance. By providing smear and scratch resistance on coated paper and matte synthetic label stocks, this ribbon results in excellent staying power and durability.  The anti-static formula and unique back-coating protects the life of the print-head.

Resin Formula

Ahearn & Soper’s full range of resin ribbons are specifically formulated to provide extremely dense images for ultimate scan rates producing clean, extremely durable, dense barcodes. Combined with the right synthetic label or tag, these ribbons resist moisture, abrasion, extreme temperature and solvents.  The ribbons print at moderate to high heat settings, and features an anti-static, heat resistant back-coating.  Ahearn & Soper can confidently chose the right ribbon for the right application.  Resin ribbons are usually used for outdoor and chemical drum applications, automotive, and hospital labs.

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