Mobile computing is critical for businesses that want to stay competitive in the manufacturing, field services, and healthcare industries as well as countless others. Armed with rugged tablets, barcode scanners, and other mobility solutions, your team can stay connected and engage with applications that streamline workflows from nearly anywhere.

High-quality mobile computers eliminate time wasted running back and forth from the shop floor to the office, minimize communication errors, and, ultimately, protect your bottom line. To get a sense of how the right mobility solutions can improve your business, check out these benefits.

Enhanced Connectivity

Mobility hardware keeps your team connected. Regardless of where your employees are inside your facility or off-site in the field – they can share data and communicate with the rest of the team. They don’t have to worry about dropping cell service, losing notes, forgetting messages, or returning to the main office.

Depending on your needs, your team can connect digitally or use push-to-talk to have a conversation. You can opt for mobile solutions that connect over LAN, Wi-Fi, or even satellite for field service workers who frequent sites with poor cell service. By improving connections, you keep projects on track and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Data Accessibility from Anywhere

Zebra mobile computers work with a range of enterprise applications that engage with cloud-based data. For example, with a Zebra DS4308-HC handheld scanner, healthcare workers can read the barcode on a patient’s wristband and instantly see medication administration, dietary management, discharge orders, and other instructions; moreover, they can upload real-time information to the patient’s chart.

Similarly, with a MC55X mobile computer, a field service worker can view business applications, look at plans or blueprints, and access all kinds of cloud-based data from the field. At the same time, they can easily share photos, videos, or other information with the team back at the office.

Android Operating Platform

The Zebra MCC3300, MC9300, and other mobile computers run on the Android platform, giving you the tools you need to improve workflows and run your business smoothly. With no costly licensing fees or tools, Android lets you develop applications inexpensively, and setting up and running applications is relatively easy for anyone with a basic knowledge of Java.

Android also boasts the best platform for inter-application and inter-process architecture, meaning you can easily integrate multiple programs, even if they’re from competitive platforms.

Designed for Challenging Environments

Although many Zebra mobile computers use Android, most users quickly realize these computers are not consumer devices retrofitted to the business environment. Instead, they have been custom built for industrial and healthcare environments.

Heavy-duty materials along with waterproof and dust-tight construction minimize the risk of unexpected breakages from drops, water, chemicals, and other threats. Mobile solutions for healthcare environments feature antimicrobial materials that can withstand  multiple daily sanitizations. You can arm workers with the tools they need to do their jobs, and you don’t have to worry about technology coming back broken or damaged.

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