Patient identification is the backbone of exceptional healthcare. After all, healthcare workers can only treat a patient properly if they know what he or she needs. For this reason, many hospitals and clinics are moving toward a robust PPID (positive patient identification) system. This system uses wristbands to digitally store patients’ medical files to effectively manage proper patient identification.

However, proper PPID requires much more than just patient wristbands. Hospitals also need several tools to ensure correct identification, adequate patient privacy, and exceptional care. Luckily, manufacturers like Zebra Technologies have created great products for just this purpose, so healthcare providers your clients can offer excellent care to their patients.

The PPID Wristband 

Patient wristbands have long been used as identification during a hospital visit. However, today’s PPID wristbands tell so much more than just a patient’s name. These thermal or laser wristbands are designed to be durable and scannable – no matter how much hand sanitizer they encounter. The design ensures that medical practitioners can identify the right patient throughout the continuum of care.

Additionally, Zebra Technologies’ PPID wristbands have the patient’s needs in mind. In addition to storing full medical records through the bracelets (which gives patients more privacy and more effective treatment), these wristbands are also designed to be extremely comfortable. This simple product can help make the healthcare experience better for everyone – the patients and the providers.

The ZD510-HC Wristband Printing Solution

A Zebra Technology can improve treatment accuracy in any hospital, but how difficult is it create them? It is simple: Print the wristbands with a ZD510-HC printer. This printer quickly and easily creates PPID wristbands, complete with an antimicrobial coating. It’s an essential tool for implementing a thorough and effective PPID solution in any healthcare setting.

The ZD510-HC is intuitive and easy to use, so your clients can focus on the important work of healthcare. This printer requires no real training, an it can connect to nearly all ADT systems, including Allscripts, CareFusion, Cerner, CPSI, Epic and McKesson. The machine is also UV-resistant, so it will stand up to any necessary sanitizing and continue functioning at peak performance.

Your clients in the healthcare industry can benefit from the ZD510-HC printer, as well as clients working in entertainment such as amusement parks or concerts. However, healthcare is the setting that this printer really shines, as it can help implement PPID throughout the hospital or clinic. With this one machine, patient care can become more accurate, safe and efficient.

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If you have clients who work in the healthcare industry, it is paramount that they have a well-designed PPID solution – complete with all the tools they need for top-notch patient care. You can help your customers make their facilities better; all you need are a few PPID wristbands or a ZD510-HC printer to get them started.

Contact us today to learn more about PPID solutions and how Zebra Technologies’ products can help your healthcare clients ensure positive patient identification, safety, and comfort throughout the continuum of care.