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Prescreening of COVID-19 with Thermographic Camera

Hickvision DS-2TD2636B-15/P Thermographic Bullet Body Temperature Measurement Camera is able to detect elevated surface body temperature at a high accuracy in real time.

High body temperature could indicate high fever, a possible indicator of COVID-19.

The camera identifies and measures people with higher body temperature in crowded areas, such as customs, airports, schools, hospitals, malls, and office entrances.

  • Fast one second detection
  • Efficient multi-person detection
  • Non-contact safe measurement to avoid physical contact
  • Alarm notifications; email, audio and screen visuals
  • Real-time temperature detection
  • A.I algorithm identifies peoples to read temperature
  • High measuring accuracy of 0.5Ā°

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Ahearn & Soper offer an extensive product portfolio including Thermal Cameras, NVRs, Switches, Monitors, PC’s, Tablets, Network Solutions, and Configuration Services.

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