IDP Corp Card Printers

IDP Card Printer solutions by Ahearn & Soper provide enhanced security features, improved image quality, lower costs and better customer service. Choose from a broad range of full colour or monochrome card printers with smart and mag stripe encoding options plus lamination for higher security and card durability.

Ahearn & Soper will work with you to determine which of the many versions are right for your business.

Smart S21 IDP Card Printer

IDP SMART-21 Series ID card printer

The SMART-21 Starter ID Card Printer offers an easy to use hand-fed design that is small and lightweight. It is a great choice for instant on-demand printing of Employee IDs, Staff Badges, Access Pass and Loyalty / Membership Cards.

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IDP SMART-31 Series ID card printer

The Smart -31 Series value class ID card printer is a perfect solution for printing ID cards with a low volume and a low budget. SMART-31S (single-sided), SMART-31D (dual-sided) Printers are designed for colour or monochrome card applications; photo id, access control, visitor management, membership etc.

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IDP SMART-51 Series ID card printer

Single-sided SMART-51 (51S) can be transformed into a dual-sided printer (51D) or into dual-sided printer with laminator (51L) by mounting the Flipper module or Laminator module at the back of the printer, which is easily to install. SMART-51 Laminator is a good option for printing and laminating at the same time, providing long-life ID cards and extra security with stock or customizable holograms. With DLW (Direct Laminating in a Wink) technology, SMART-51 Laminator provides fast laminating speeds for premium quality protection for your ID cards.

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IDP Smart 70

IDP SMART-70 Series ID card printer

SMART-70 is a high-performance large capacity ID card printer designed by the unique modular concept that can support various printer configurations to meet different user requirements. 500 cards can be continuously printed, laminated and encoded on various cards. SMART-70 consists of 5 different modules (Input Hopper, Printer, Hybrid Flipper, Laminator, Output Hopper) that can be configured in various combinations according to different customer requirements. Required modules can be easily added to extend functions depending on your needs.

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IDP SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder

IDP SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder

Protecting personal information is paramount and IDP SMART-BIT shredder is specially designed to ensure the secure destruction of used ID Card Printer Ribbon with personal information. With the IDP’s Twisted Micro-Cut Technology, SMART-BIT uses unique twist and cut motions to completely shred ID Card Printer ribbon panels into tiny unrecognizable particles.The SMART-BIT is designed to accommodate the industry’s popular brands of direct-to-card printer ribbons. SMART-BIT is compact and light weight in design and will easily fit into any office desktop environment. The SMART-BIT’s waste bag will ensure complete capture of ribbon particles and simple transfer to a waste bin.

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