Out with the Old - In with the New : Upgrading to the CK65

Honeywell recently announced end-of-life for the Intermec-branded CK3X and CK3R mobile computers. Since 2012, these devices have provided reliable and performance across warehouse and retail settings, but with advanced next-generation products and innovative technologies coming to the forefront, it’s time to upgrade!  


Introducing the Mobility Edge CK65. With enhanced performance, faster processing speeds and even greater durability, the CK65 offers customers improvements on all of the best features of the CK3X and CK3R and a seamless path for users who are migrating from legacy Windows OS to Android.  

Why the CK65?

With an ultra-rugged design that can withstand 3m (10ft) drops to concrete, the CK65 is durable even in the toughest DC environments. The CK65 also offers compatibility with your CK3X and CK3R charger accessories to save you money and time. The CK65 offers features and benefits to maximize productive uptime and boost supply chain productivity: 

  • Longest supported lifecycle available with 7,000 mAh smart battery with up to 28 hours of battery life  
  • Future-proofs your investment with Mobility Edge™ platform, with support through Android R and Sentinel security patch through 2028 
  • Large touchscreen and large keypads supports legacy key-centric and newer touch applications 
  • Enhanced 1D/2D data capture for short, mid, or long range scanning 
  • Cold storage and non-incedive (NI/ATEX) models available for freezer and hazardous gas environments 

Want to know more?

Learn more about the CK65 and how you can save even more with our Trade-In offer.