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AML was founded in 1983 to respond to a need in the barcode data collection marketplace for high performance, easy-to-use, and cost-effective barcode and data collection products. AML’s goal is to provide sensible solutions for mission critical activities, to improve efficiency and productivity, and to make barcode data collection applications worry-free.

With in-house engineering, we do our own mechanical and industrial design, electrical engineering, and firmware development. With no out-sourcing of development, AML has complete control of the design cycle of their products. There is an “everything included” philosophy when it comes to AML products.

Devices come with batteries and any necessary cables. Charging cradles come with power supplies and line cords. AML believes there is more to buying a product, than just the product. It’s also the service and support that is available before, during, and after the sale.

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AML Scepter Enterprise Mobile Computer

AML Scepter Enterprise Mobile Computer

The Scepter mobile computer combines tried-and-true convention with the new and contemporary, resulting in the most versatile barcode-scanning mobile computer available today. Designed specifically for rugged environments, the Scepter boasts the largest display of any product in its class, sizing up at 5” (127mm). The optically-bonded capacitive touch screen supports the intuitive swiping and gesturing that smart device users are accustomed to. Powered by Android 6 (Marshmallow), the Scepter has no shortage of power, performance or resources. The dual band 802.11abgn WLAN radio and BT BLE 4.0 radio provide wireless connectivity for inside-the-four-walls environments.

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AML Striker Mobile Computer

AML Striker Enterprise Mobile Computer

Striker is the continuation of AML’s development of American-Made, Android-based mobile computers. A smaller, more lightweight version of our popular Scepter mobile computer, Striker delivers on affordability, durability and versatility. The combination of these attributes makes Striker ideal for a wide variety of applications ranging from distribution, manufacturing, retail, and commercial deployments. Striker is also the first in its class of mobile computers to be produced with an antimicrobial housing to prevent the growth and spread of microorganisms, as well as UV inhibitors to prevent deterioration in the event of prolonged UV-C exposure, commonly used for disinfection purposes.

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AML LDX10 Batch Handheld Mobile Computer

AML LDX10 Batch Handheld Mobile Computer

The LDX10 batch handheld mobile computer is the core of an affordable barcode data collection solution that includes a set of preloaded software applications, called DC Suite, designed for common everyday barcode tasks. For more complex requirements, it also includes DC Console, a program generator that allows users to modify current applications or create new ones. No other solution is more versatile and affordable than the LDX10 with DC Suite and DC Console.

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AML TDX20 WIRELESS Mobile Computer

The TDX20 is an exceptional tool for use in commercial applications where the convenience of wireless data communication is preferred over wired methods, and where acquisition cost is an important factor when selecting a data collection device. The TDX20 handheld inventory scanner comes equipped with Internet Explorer for web-based and cloud applications, and a collection of pre-loaded software applications called DC Suite which are designed specifically for wireless mobile computing to complete traditional inventory-related tasks.

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