Zebra Intelligent Cabinets: Device Storage, Security and Management

In many retail, warehousing, manufacturing, and other business environments, multiple company-issued mobile devices are used by workers every day and on every shift. That also means there may be a lot of mobile computers, tablets, and mobile printers you need to store, charge, manage and keep secure when they are not in use.

Traditionally, many workplaces rely on docking stations and cradles to do this, but many of these solutions have limited capacity, and in a busy warehouse, retail store, or manufacturing facility, there may be many devices you need to support. Docking stations and cradles also may not support all the different devices you need to store and charge, and they may not provide access controls or tools to manage your devices and keep them updated.

This is where intelligent cabinets are an ideal solution, and our partners at Zebra Technologies have developed a complete portfolio of cabinets that combine several crucial storage, security, and device management capabilities into a single unit.

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets Overview

Zebra intelligent cabinets are available in six different models and sizes that allow you to securely store from 5 to 100 Zebra devices in a single cabinet that can also:

  • Charge and monitor battery life
  • Regulate device access by authorized personnel
  • Manage and update devices
  • Prevent damage and loss

Each cabinet stores multiple devices in a customizable configuration, so you can use them to hold numerous combinations of devices in various arrangements. In Zebra’s larger cabinets, you can easily store and lock away 30, 40, 50, 60 or even 100 devices and easily remove them when needed.

Importantly, you can secure and completely control access to your cabinet and devices with a door lock option, device cradle locks, and Zebra’s Access Management System, which provides a digital display, an app, and a cloud-based portal to manage and track who is accessing your devices.

A supervisor or authorized user can unlock the cabinet door, remove a device, and then log on to the device to unlock it. The access management system is immediately updated to provide a complete account of authorized access. If no timely logon occurs, an alarm is triggered, and the Access Management System issues an alert. When a device is returned to the cabinet, it is placed in a docking and charging cradle, and the device logs off and locks.

Inside the cabinet, one or more docking and charging cradles provide power to charge your devices, and each device shows its charging status on its screen. You can also use the Access Management System’s digital display screen or Zebra’s web-based portal to see the charging status of your devices.

Depending on the charging and docking cradle you are using, your devices can also be mechanically locked in the cradle for added security, in addition to the cabinet door locking and digital device access controls. The Access Control module, which can be accessed from any PC or laptop, can also communicate with your devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to validate login credentials and provide security. Since Zebra intelligent cabinets are Wi-Fi and 5G/4G friendly, you can also connect with and update devices while they are being stored.

If you need the capacity to store and secure many devices, an available “stadium-style” cabinet design helps maximize capacity by creating multiple rows where devices are neatly seated and docked next to each other. You can also use single or double-shelf racks within the cabinet depending on your capacity needs.

High-Capacity Storage and Big Benefits for Device Protection and Management

In all, you can store up to 100 devices in a single Zebra intelligent cabinet, depending on the type of device. And Zebra’s cabinets provide complete support for Zebra touch mobile computers, tablets, and mobile printers.

Each cabinet can be mounted on the floor or a wall, and its doors are easy to open, with a modern open-leaf design. Each cabinet also includes passive cooling to help control storage conditions while reducing your operating costs.

But the biggest benefits are in preventing loss and protecting your mobile device investment with real-time device and user management, all while providing convenient charging, tracking, and capacity so you can more easily distribute, manage, and use devices in your workflows every day.

To learn more about Zebra intelligent cabinets, download our fact sheet and contact our team at Ahearn & Soper to request a quote, get answers to your questions, and find out which cabinet and options might be right for your needs.

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