How Zebra Intelligent Cabinets Minimize Device Maintenance and Costs

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets are quickly gaining popularity as a great way to store, secure, and help manage large numbers of mobile devices in enterprise operations such as retail environments, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and more.

By having a single storage cabinet to securely lock away and charge devices while they’re not in use, including optional digital status monitoring and on-screen device logins to verify authorized user access, Zebra’s Intelligent Cabinets are an excellent option for protecting valuable mobile devices as well as keeping them charged and ready for workers to use.

But these convenient solutions add further value by helping companies minimize their device maintenance and overall operating costs. That’s because Zebra Intelligent Cabinets don’t just store and protect devices: they also monitor your devices and perform software updates and health checks to maximize hardware performance and prevent or address issues that can potentially disrupt your operations or require costly and time-consuming maintenance.

When mobile devices such as touch mobile computers or tablets are docked in a Zebra Intelligent Cabinet, they’re also connected to your choice of systems, including signature Zebra device management services such as Zebra’s cloud-based VisibilityIQ and Zebra OneCare. These services track and monitor your devices and provide dashboards, alerts and reports that give you immediate insights into how your devices are performing, whether they need software or firmware update, and if there are any issues that need to be addressed. And it’s all available through a single pane of glass, accessible through virtually any device with an Internet connection.

If there’s a problem that could impact or is already impacting a mobile device and potentially your users, Zebra’s software will let you know. You can then remotely trigger any required updates to fix the problem while the device is connected and charging in your cabinet. If you need technical support, Zebra OneCare offers ongoing support to give you the assurance of Zebra’s rapid-response expertise and troubleshooting. Additionally, if any physical maintenance or servicing is required, Zebra’s software provides insights and tools to help you manage maintenance and support cases as well.

By being able to detect and monitor device health and performance while you charge and securely store your devices, Zebra’s Intelligent Cabinets provide a convenient way to get more value out of your investment and keep your devices optimized for whenever they’re removed and used in your workflows. Instead of your IT team reacting to device issues once they’ve already impacted users and disrupted your operations, you can identify and prevent issues before they can have detrimental effects or cause downtime, and you can resolve them more quickly when they occur.

This is in addition to the cost-saving security of Zebra’s Access Management System, which provides a digital display located outside the cabinet, along with an app and a cloud-based portal to manage and track who is accessing your devices. The Access Management System helps ensure that only authorized users can remove and use a device using an on-screen secure login.

A supervisor or authorized user can unlock the cabinet door, remove a device, and then log on to the device to unlock it. The access management system is immediately updated to provide a complete account of authorized access. If no timely logon occurs, an alarm is triggered, and the Access Management System issues an alert. When a device is returned to the cabinet, it’s placed in a docking and charging cradle, and the device logs off and locks.

Depending on the charging and docking cradle you’re using, your devices can also be mechanically locked in the cradle for added security, in addition to the cabinet door locking and digital device access controls.

The combination of device security, monitoring, remote management, and timely updates means you can save time and cost on hardware maintenance at every turn, and you can avoid potentially costly damage or losses from unauthorized access to your investment.

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