To organize a successful trade show, conference, or event, you need to make sure your registration game is on point. That means getting the Maximum number of attendees through the door in a short time.

Event registration includes many aspects, but none more important than badging. If you are organizing a large event, conference, or trade show, then creating a pre-printed badge for thousands of attendees and arranging them can be extremely tedious and time-consuming, with last-minute registration manual errors can occur, which can lead to large mess-ups.


The Solution

Switch to on-demand badge printing On-demand badge printing allows your event to be more flexible, cost-efficient, and professional. You can get attendees through the door in as few as 6 seconds while accepting walk-ins and last-minute registrations.


The 6 reasons that will convince you to switch to On-demand badge printing.

Real-time data synchronization
On-demand badge printing syncs data in real time so that you don’t close registrations before the event to print badges. Easily accept walk-ins and have all the data synced into your event management system.

Better Attendee Experience
Printing badges with the right branding and category can contribute to better attendance and exhibitor experiences. Have barcodes or QR codes, and profile pictures to further enhance the event experience.

Sustainable and Environment Friendly
No more printing badges for no-shows and name changes. That’s how you can make your event environment-friendly and save costs. Self-check-in kiosks combined with manned registration desks with live badge printing can reduce staffing by 50%.

Increase Sponsorship Opportunity
Monetize your badges by including sponsor branding in full color. It’s a great up-selling opportunity and allows your sponsors to create more visibility. Coupled with lead scanning, live badging provides valuable data enrichment for all stakeholders.

Faster and Efficient
On-demand badge printing with the Epson Colorworks C4000 label printer along with your event check-in app is the fastest way to check your attendees into the event. The process also eliminates the tedious process of finding a pre-printed badge. Additionally, it also provides a live count of the number of attendees checked in, as well as real-time attendee listings.

Why is the Epson Colorworks C4000 your best on-demand badge printer solution?

According to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Convention Data Services (CDS), Dave Wuethrich, printing a badge is one of the first steps onsite for attendees, but it is also one of the most crucial aspects of any event as it’s what is used to attract, engage, and understand attendees from lead generation through retrospective data.

After being introduced to the Epson Colorworks C4000 label printer the CDS team decided to evaluate the Epson printer to consider streamlining and standardizing badge printer offerings, increasing efficiencies with logistics and onsite support which included flexibility.

Show Floor Success

Wuethrich mentioned that CDS had two specific goals for updating its badge offerings. One was standardization- to have a single badge printing solution that was capable of printing full-color badges on-demand, while simultaneously simplifying its inventory management, planning, and logistics for badge printing materials and equipment.

“We don’t have an option for a printer not to work. We won’t be in business if our printers do not work on-site, when they are needed, without issue. Reliability is critical”
“The Colorworks checked all the boxes. In the validation process and in the field, they have proven to be reliable, can quickly produce high-quality color badges, and withstand tough handling conditions.”

Dave Wuethrich COO of Convention Data Services.


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