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Afinia Label was founded in 2009 to provide speciality printing solutions. Our speciality printing solutions include industrial high-speed label printing and label finishing, with products available in 55 countries across the world.
Afinia Label has built a reputation for providing quality products that make label printing and finishing easier and more dependable than ever.

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Afinia Label LT5C Digital Label Printer

LT5C CMYK + White Label Printer

The LT5C CMYK + white label printer offers professional five-color output for a wide variety of markets. Whether it’s high-durability labels, freezer and cold-storage labels, food and beverages, or household goods—the LT5C from Afinia Label can deliver that and more.

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L701 Digital Colour Label Printer

L701 Digital Colour Label Printer

The L701 Color Label Printer—our lowest initial cost offering with Memjet technology—allows you to print high-impact, full-colour labels without breaking the bank. The L701 is a great fit for multiple-printer installations or applications where high performance, low initial investment, and a smaller footprint are all required.


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L502 Industrial Duo Ink Colour Label Printer

Whether you need waterproof, durable labels or something eye-catching for the retail shelf, the L502 is our most versatile printer ever. Pigment and dye inks each have their own advantages. Get the best of both worlds with the L502.

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Aptina L301 Label Printer

L301 Small Business Label Printer

The Afinia Label L301 Small Business Color Label Printer is perfect for small and growing businesses. In-house, on-demand label printing allows the flexibility that growing brands need to thrive: change your labels as-needed to accommodate branding, ingredient, or government regulation changes.

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L801 / L801 Plus Commercial Colour Label Printer

The L801 is a Memjet-powered industrial inkjet printer that is ideal for short- to medium-range print runs for prime and secondary labeling applications. It prints on continuous or die-cut stock from 2 to 8.5 inches in width, in full colour, and at speeds of up to 60 feet per minute. Super-fine resolution makes for crisp text and barcodes, even at very small sizes. This detail, combined with vivid colours and rich blacks, makes labels look sharp and vibrant. The L801 is also compatible with a wide range of paper, polyester, polypropylene, and vinyl label stocks.

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Afinia Label L901

L901 / L901 Plus Industrial Colour Label Printer

The L901 combines industrial design, exceptional image quality, and high production speeds with a new ability to service and maintain the printhead “on-the-fly.” This makes the L901 perfect for long roll-to-roll print jobs or inline integration with label finishers, applicators, dispensers, and more.

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